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Dr. Hugh Davis, an associate professor at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University, regretted that all risks were not adequately explained to women taking hormonal 
contraceptives. buy meds from canada pharmacy He said that "in many clinics hormonal contraceptives were given as if they were no more dangerous than chewing gum."
You may ask why doctors are so eager to put their patients at such a risk. This seems illogical - because, preventing pregnancy, obstetricians lose large incomes. Dr. Ball answered this question in his report to the Senate: woman’s primary physician, often a gynecologist, and solely play the role of judge, jury, and sometimes executioner. He legitimate pharmacy diagnoses the disease, decides whether surgical treatment can be applied here, and then he himself performs 
the operation. American surgeons have demonstrated amazing ingenuity in creating demand for their services, and I do not think their creative potential has dwindled. They are already conducting preventive mastectomy, and I 
foresee the day when the surgical concept of preventive medicine will develop to such an extent that it will be possible to remove any part of the body that can ever get sick.
The explanation canadian pharmacy no prescription lies on the surface: we have too many surgeons who are paid to do as many operations as possible that are not really necessary for their patients. Here is a version of the Parkinson law [16]: the number of 
unnecessary operations is growing to fill the working time of those who are paid for them. In 1976, a standing congressional Canada Drugstoe Online committee, concerned about the skyrocketing medical expenses, investigated the problem of unnecessary 
operations in the United States. As it turned out, in 1974, doctors conducted 2.4 million unnecessary operations. Just think about it! It’s like putting all residents of Kansas, Colorado, Mississippi and South Carolina on the 
operating table for an operation they don’t need
“The sacred birth control pill is glorified as a medicine that can solve the tremendous social problems caused by population growth. She could be appointed to poor, illiterate, ignorant women who hardly know what birth control 
is. ”
Dr. Ratner expressed the same view of the problem of hormonal contraceptives, stating that they were imposed on American women, "because they were advertised as a means of solving the demographic problem in underdeveloped 
countries and the growing problem of social security in the US."
There is no doubt that this strategy has brought remarkable success. If you do not know how to withstand the powerful pressure of skilled salesmen, then you probably share the confidence of most Americans that an annual checkup 
is necessary to maintain health. Modern Medicine has made every effort to sell this concept, and organizations such as the American Cancer Society with its omnipresent slogan "Strike Cancer Prevention" helped it.
It was only in 1980 that the American Medical Association and the American Cancer Society still recognized something for which I was severely criticized for many years: an annual preventive examination of patients who have no 
symptoms may do more harm than good. secure.